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  Free Art Books (.pdfs)

What is Art? 1910
The Graphic Arts 1921
The Fine Arts 1891
Form in Painting & Sculpture 1907
Art & Common Sense 1913
The Art-Idea 1865
Claims of Decorative Art 1892
Art in Industry 1922
Early Drawing 1879
History of Caricature 1875
Caricature & Comic Art 1877
English Caricaturists 1893
The Bayeux Tapestry 1898
Heirlooms in Miniatures 1898
Fans & Fan-Painting 1895

  Free Artist Books

The World's Painters 1898
Book of the Artists 1867
The Old Painters 1838
Our American Artists 1881
Notebooks of Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci 1908
Leonardo Da Vinci 1908
Michelangelo 1892
J. M. Whistler: A Study 1907
John Ruskin 1900
Cartoons by McCutcheon 1903
Thomas Nast Paine 1904
5 Victorian Painters 1902
4 Great Venetians 1900
Works of von Schlegel 1889
Anecdotes of Artists 1865
Conversations in a Studio 1890

  Free Painting Books

Ancient & Modern Painting 1914
History of Painting 1887
Historic Schools of Painting 1890
Cyclo. of Painters & Paintings 1887
Sketches of Great Painters 1915
Modern Painting v3 1907
Woman Painters 1905
Modern Painters Ruskin 1906
100 Masterpieces of Painting 1912

  Free Sculpture Books

History of Sculpture 1921
History of Sculpture 1911
History of Sculpture... 1831
History of American Sculpture 1903
History of Ancient Sculpture 1883
Works of John Ruskin 1885
La Sculpture Florentine 1900
Chinese Clay Figures 1914

  Free Art Instruction Books

Theory of Pure Design 1907
Pictorial Composition 1903
Text-Book of Color 1905
Chromatography 1841
Practice of Typography 1902
Illustration of Books 1905
Art Teaching of Ruskin 1891
Art-Hints 1855
On Drawing & Painting 1912
Drawing & Painting Ruskin 1886
Chemistry of Paints 1901

  Free Oil Painting Instruction Books

Practice of Oil Painting 1910
The Painter in Oil 1903
Guide to Oil Painting 1877
Art Recreations Guide 1860
Oil Painting Handbook 1885

  Free Watercolor Instruction Books

First Steps in Watercolor 1921
Drawing in Water Colours 1823
Portrait Painting in WCs 1851
Watercolor Painting 1898
Watercolor Landscape Painting 1861
Painting Trees in Watercolor 1883
Mixture of Water-Colours 1883

  Free Drawing Instruction Books

Practical Drawing 1915
Elements of Drawing Ruskin 1883
Handbook of Drawing 1894
Handbook of Drawing 1890
Free-Hand Drawing Manual 1898
American Drawing-Book 1858
Sketching from Nature 1870
The Sketcher 1856
Light, Shade & Perspective 1892
Freehand & Perspective Draw. 1908
Drawing in Perspective 1797
Perspective Made Easy 1778
Rendering in Pencil 1922
Pen Drawing 1921
Charcoal Drawing 1880
Charcoal & Crayon 1885
Architectural Drawing 1922

  Free Italian Art Books

History of Italian Painting 1921
Handbook of Painting: Italian 1874
Painting in Italy v1 1903
Painting in Italy 1854
Early Italian Painters 1858
Italian Renaissance Art 1903
Museums & Ruins of Rome 1906
Rambles in Rome 1882
Art of the Venice Academy 1905
Art of the Prado 1907
Art of the Pitti Palace 1903
Art in Northern Italy 1911

  Free Regional Art Books

Principles of Greek Art 1914
Art in Egypt 1912
Art in Ancient Egypt 1883
Art in Ancient Egypt 1883
Art in Chaldæa & Assyria 1884
Art in Sardinia, Judæa, Syria... 1890
History of Art in Phœnicia 1885
Art in Persia 1892
Art in France 1911
History of French Painting 1888
Story of French Painting 1911
16th Cent. French Painting 1904
Le musée du Louvre 1922
Art in Spain & Portugal 1913
Art in Spain 1891
Old Spanish Masters 1907
The School of Madrid 1909
Art of the Low Countries 1914
The Netherland Galleries 1908
German Masters of Art 1914
Russian School of Painting 1916
Art in Britain & Ireland 1909
Art in England 1908
Art in Great Britain 1854
Painting in England 1786
Art of the National Gallery 1905
Wanderer in London 1906
Art in America 1880
American Painting 1907
American Painters 1880
Art in Connecticut 1878
Japanese Architecture 1905

  Free Art History Books

History of Art 1922
A History of Art 1908
Apollo... History of Art 1907
Beginnings of Art 1897
A History of Art 1896
History of Aesthetics 1893
Short History of Art 1881
Middle Age Ivory Workers 1902
History of Ancient Art 1873

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